Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.  Blessed art Thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

























































Extraordinary Spiritual Experiences of
Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria


Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A.
at home, May 2013

We are all Divine; equal

Life is fragile; shorter than we expect. Each one of us comes to earth with a mission. Many of us do not know consciously precisely what that mission is. But the Infinite Order, the Higher Power, God, keeps everything flowing just the way it should be. Everything is already perfect, amazingly beautiful, if only we could see it, appreciate it. Your mission may be different from mine, but we are all equal. We assume different roles of teacher, student, mother, father, friend, foe, but we are essentially all the same. Each is as valuable as the other. A carpenter is skilled at his trade, a teacher at hers; one is not greater than the other. We are all made of the Supreme star dust.


Continue to radiate your light

I have had some extraordinary spiritual experiences. I hope that by sharing them you will be inspired to continue to shine your light in your area. We are all special, divine. No one is better than the other. We are equal. I hope you will enjoy my humble offering. I am not very good at remembering dates so I will not be surprised if my dates are not perfect. The experiences recounted are true.




Spiritual Transformations


 1990 - "Shaktipat," Opening of the Third Eye

In 1990, I had a transforming spiritual experience when my "third eye" was opened through "shaktipat" or transference of energy from another person with the same ability. This gave me many extraordinary capabilities, some of which I can transfer to other persons by "shaktipat," through sight only. In essence, light pours out of my third eye, visibly, and gives me detailed knowledge and perception of the person, object and surroundings I am in. This may include seeing the previous incarnations that I shared with the person at whom I am looking. This is a shared experience with no words necessary. In perfect stillness and palpable silence, the parties looking at me can see the lives we lived together, and I can see the same.


Since that initial experience in 1990, I feel myself to be somewhat of a conduit to divine light. The golden light comes out of my forehead and transforms the surroundings. I am able to see the most refined values of objects and people around me, right down to their light value. The world becomes exquisitely beautiful, celestial. It is as if all the jewels of the world were nothing by comparison. And as my perception goes to the celestial level of life, I enjoy the most fulfilling and incredible silence, stillness, that permeates everything. My enlivening this silence and light from within myself has a noticeable effect on the environment.

Several of the people with whom I had this experience had their own third eyes opened as well through "shaktipat," giving them also extraordinary abilities of perception. One of those people is my daughter, Anahita, pictured above. (The photo has special effects on it to illustrate the point; this is not an actual photo with light emanating from it.)


What Maharishi said

I shared my experience with my spiritual Master, Maharishi, in 1991, and he told me to "use it to bless the world." For me, "en-light-enment" is the experience of a world where everything and everyone is made of light and knowledge flows intuitively on all subjects, past and present, visible through the opened "third eye." 

In 1991, I had a miraculous visit of St Therese of Lisieux (the Little Flower) while on a private retreat at Mt St Benedict in St Augustine, Trinidad. This was followed by an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Beauraing, Belgium, in 1992, in the company of others. And in 2008, there was another heavenly visitation by St Therese that was experienced not only by me, my husband Farrokh and daughter Anahita, but also by the guests at my birthday celebration. You can read detailed accounts of these events below



The Blessed Virgin Mary


















































































































































































































 1991 St Therese's First Visit, Mount St Benedict, St Augustine, Trinidad

During the Lenten season in February 1991, I went to a monastery on a private retreat at Mt St Benedict, in the cool mountainside of St Augustine in Trinidad. Trinidad is part of the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the most southern of the Caribbean islands.   I took with me one book to read during what I intended to be a weekend of prayer and self-reflection. As I checked in at the front desk, I asked for any reading materials they might lend me for the weekend and they gave me one book - on the life of St Therese of Lisieux, commonly known as Saint Theresa of the Little Flower or St Therese of the Child Jesus.  Coincidentally, the one book I had brought with me was an autobiography by the very saint.

Praying the way taught by St Therese of Lisieux

I played several Hindu religious songs that I enjoyed in my room and spent the time reading the autobiography of St Therese.  I prayed in the way that St Therese suggested, trying her "Little Way," offering all that I was (good and bad) to the Lord.   I prayed sincerely.  I was kneeling in prayer when a strong  scent of roses filled my room.  It was overpowering and I got up and looked through the window for rose bushes.  None were in sight.  The monastery was on a hillside far from everything and everyone. I had not yet read about St Therese and the scent of roses and I decided it must have been some delightfully sweet perfume from neighboring guests or some air freshener from the guest house itself. 

Scent of the roses

The next day, as I knelt in prayer, the very same thing happened - an overpowering scent of roses filled the room.  Then I remembered reading that St Therese promised that she would bless the world with showers of blessings and miracles, and would appear in the perfume of roses to many.  I suddenly realized that the saint was visiting with me and I felt blessed and unburdened from the load my heart was carrying from personal matters that were disturbing me.  I went to Stations of the Cross at the monastery church and every time I prayed to St Therese the scent of roses came back - three times in all. 


"I will let fall from Heaven...a shower of roses"
St Therese of Lisieux



Painting of St Therese

I used to draw and paint years ago.  The week before coming to the monastery I had picked up a little picture of a nun and had filled a large canvas with a half-finished portrait of the nun with the roses and the cross in her arms.  At the monastery, I discovered that the picture I was painting was of St Therese.  When I returned from my retreat a dear friend sent me a little gift from abroad - a vial of rose perfume.  It all seemed to fit together... the one book for my retreat, the manifestation of rose perfume several times, the painting, the gift of perfume.  So much was given to me from my small but sincere offering of prayer to St Therese.  The saint let me know in many ways that in turning to her in prayer she was giving me her full attention in return.


St Therese of the Little Flower


Meeting the Head of the Carmelite nuns

This benediction of  St Therese greatly affected me and I started reading more about Carmelite nuns. I went to meet with the Mother Superior of the Carmelite convent in Port of Spain, Trinidad - the late Sister Joan Charlerie.  That was the beginning of a friendship that lasted a lifetime.  She wanted to learn Transcendental Meditation  from me as soon as a I met her.  She introduced me to her nuns and had me conduct classes for young girls sent by the courts to the St Jude's School for Girls, a home for juvenile offenders under the care of the Carmelite nuns.


Returning to devotion to Mother Mary

The special blessing I received from St Therese opened my mind and heart again to formal devotion to Mother Mary. I was raised a Catholic and my high school education was at a convent - St Joseph's Convent in Port of Spain.  I attended Mass regularly until I was about 21.  For the following twelve years or so I spent time more in  private prayer and attended church mainly at Christmastime.    After the experience of St Therese's love, I started to say the rosary once again very regularly and my devotion to Mother Mary grew.  In my heart I felt closer to Her and I prayed, in my own way, that I could somehow see Her with my own eyes.  At that time, the Blessed Mother was appearing regularly at Medjugorje, which is a town in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the Bosnian border.  I wished I could have gone to see Her there but had neither the resources nor support of my family to be able to do so.


Praying the Rosary

September 1992 - Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Beauraing, Belgium

Family tragedy

A few years ago,  one of my brothers and his wife suffered personal tragedy when their house was burnt to the ground. They lost their four-year old son in the fire.  Our nation mourned for his family. My brother, his wife and remaining three children moved in with my ex and me. My sister-in-law was nine months' pregnant at the time of the fire and she had to jump from the second storey of her home to save her life.  After many inconsolable months with us, my ex and I decided to go on a trip to Europe with my brother and his wife, hoping to bring some joy to their shattered  world.  Before leaving, I called all the children in the family together and we prayed the rosary before a beautiful statue of Mother Mary which I had at home.  We left on that trip with the intention of having my brother and his wife meet His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, my spiritual Master, to seek his blessing.


Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary

During that trip to Europe, which started the week of 17 September 1992, one of our first stops was in Belgium.  We arrived in a place called Beauraing at dinner time, and the tour conductor informed us that close by was a place where the Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared many years ago. He indicated that anyone who wanted to go to the site could do so.  I was very excited to go and right after dinner I did so in the company of my ex and an Anglican couple from England.  We made our way in the dark wintry night, walking a few blocks to the shrine.  It was an open court yard that was filled with empty pews, save for one elderly gentleman kneeling in prayer in one of the front pews. We four walked up to the top, past the pews, and stood at the railing with all the lit candles, before the beautiful life-size statue of Mother Mary.  We all stood silently, offering our private prayers, and felt the cold air on us.


Pope John Paul praying at the railing,
Our Lady of Beauraing, Belgium


Shortly after starting my prayers, I looked up and became aware of a celestial sight - the whole area surrounding the statue and the courtyard was filled with glorious white light, blazing and hardly able to be seen without making the eyes tear.  And the statue of Mother Mary opened Her loving arms and closed them, opened and closed them, over and over, as if beckoning me to Her.  I saw Her beautiful robes moving with the cold wind and noticed the pedestal on which She stood. I observed that the flowers at the Blessed Mother's feet  were untouched and not moving.  I saw a beautiful light come from Mother Mary's heart as She continued to open wide her arms and close them gently, time and time again.


Our Lady of Beauraing, Belgium


Four of us saw Her

Because I've had other celestial experiences (not of the nature of an apparition, however), I felt that this vision before me was perhaps being seen only by me.  To my joy, surprise and  utter delight, however, the Anglican lady beside me turned to me in amazement and said: "Are you seeing what I am seeing?  The statue is moving!"    I was really struck when my friend said this.   I immediately knelt down and closed my eyes, knowing now without a doubt that the Blessed Mother Herself was in front of me.  Interestingly, the apparition continued, with my eyes closed, just as if my eyes were opened.  I stayed and enjoyed that sweet and divine benediction for several minutes before my ex said he was leaving to go get my brother and sister-in-law at the hotel to come and share in this wonderful vision.  The Anglican couple said they were also going to get their teenage daughters to come and see.  I remained there alone in prayer then went to the back of the building in the court yard to get a candle to light and offer at the shrine.

We four had beheld Mother Mary in the form in which she had appeared to young children at that very spot in Beauraing between 1932 and 1933.  The lone gentleman in the pew was oblivious to anything happening. I felt that the silent wish of my heart, to behold Mother Mary in Her divine form with my own eyes was fulfilled.


Continuing devotion and blessing

The apparition of Our Lady at Beauraing started a true devotion to Mother Mary for me and since then I have shared this story with a few intimate friends and strangers who drew it out of me.  I have given away many books on St Therese of Lisieux and given away many rosaries for devotion to Mother Mary.  But more than that, I feel that divine protection and love is surely around us all the time.  We have only to open our hearts and the heavens open for us.  I freely call upon Mother Mary during all times of crisis, big and small, and am never without solace. I pray the rosary with our children regularly and feel always the love and protection of the Divine Mother around me.


Our Lady of Beauraing


Date celebrating the Feast Day of Our Lady of Beauraing of personal significance

Since building the first versions of this web page many years ago, I did some research on the internet on apparitions of Mother Mary.  I came across a beautiful website which featured the apparition at Beauraing.  I was really amazed to discover that the  Feast Day of Our Blessed Lady of Beauraing is celebrated by the Catholic Church on the 22nd of August, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the birthday of my second daughter Anahita!  I feel again, in this discovery that the birth date of my daughter is the same as the Feast Day of Our Blessed Lady of Beauraing, that Our Lady has once again stamped Herself indelibly in my heart.  


1996, Tears of Blood from Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Trinidad

Some years ago, I was also blessed to be taken to the Carmelite convent in Diego Martin, Trinidad, by Sister Joan whom I mentioned above, to witness another miracle - a beautiful statue of Mother Mary started crying blood on February 15, 1996!  A scientist from Trinidad, Dr Bartholomew, had tested the tears and found them to be  human.  It was a very sad and touching experience, one that I will never forget.



On my 50th Birthday


A heavenly visit from St Therese of the Little Flower on my 50th birthday, June 21, 2008

As I prepared to celebrate my 50th birthday on June 21, 2008, I thought it would be good to have a few lady friends over for an evening where we would exchange stories that had touched us and read poetry or play music that we enjoyed.  I didn't want a lavish party, but I wanted to mark the occasion meaningfully.  I felt I had been blessed already in so many ways. I wanted nothing more than a small warm gathering and lots of roses.  My Mom sent me a rose dipped in gold with a beautiful card.  I enjoyed receiving this.  My husband gave me two dozen red roses which filled two vases and fulfilled my desire for roses only on this occasion.


I invited about 10 ladies and these are the guests who ended up celebrating the evening with me - Regina P. and her husband Frank (Frank stayed to keep my husband company while we ladies "partied"); Denise Mc D.; Jane K.; Nado; Inessa S.; Annette M.; Judge M's wife, Taunya M.; and our friend Vince H., who dropped in to return some keys just when our party started.  I invited him to stay. My daughters Julee and Annie (12 and 10), and my beloved husband Farrokh, were also there.   

We were all gathered in my living room sitting comfortably in sofas sharing stories that had touched us deeply in our lives.  Many of the ladies were crying even before they started telling their story as they were so moved to tell of those things that touched them deeply in their lives.  We heard of one lady saving a co-worker's life by following him after work, on a hunch, and dialing 911 when her gut kept telling her that something was dreadfully wrong with him even though he didn't say anything about it.  Another told of her standing on the brink of suicide and being saved by learning Transcendental Meditation.  Another spoke of having to let go of a child she thought was going to be her adopted child, after nursing him from birth to two years old...The stories were deeply personal and I felt greatly privileged to be with this group of ladies on my special day.  I read two poems from my newly published book, "Kavita - Poems of Light and Communion" and tears came to my eyes both while reading them and while telling the story of my own father.  This was the first time my daughters had seen me cry! 


My friend Annette, our girls' piano tutor, played the piano and sang the Ave Maria.  How I enjoyed this! Afterwards, we all went across to the adjoining dining room for dinner, lovingly prepared by my husband.  I sat at the head of the oval dining table which was beautifully set for the occasion.  To my right and going anti-clockwise around the table were Jane (who joined us late), Annette, Taunya, Nado, Vince, Inessa, Annie, Regina, Frank and Farrokh.  Julee was sitting in a chair in the living room.


My guests served themselves and I said the blessing before we began our meal. While my guests ate, I decided to tell them the stories I have written above. I started off with the retreat at the monastery and continued all the way to the apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing.  While telling the story, a strong scent of sweet roses swept through the air!  Taunya burst into tears as she exclaimed "I can smell the roses!"  I was smelling them too! One by one my guests confirmed that they were smelling that sweet smell of roses too - Nado, Vince, Inessa, Annie and my beloved Farrokh.  Denise had left early to attend another engagement. Julee had just gone upstairs and come back down and settled into her chair.  She didn't experience it; neither did Annette, Regina, Frank and Jane.  But those of us who had, felt greatly blessed.  It came as a deep drenching celestial sweet scent of roses that hung in the air just long enough for us all to observe it and acknowledge it then it disappeared.

I feel that heaven gave me a bouquet of roses on my special day! Vince wrote me a beautiful thank you note acknowledging the miraculous event we had all shared on that occasion.


Starting a heavenly chain of events by recounting these stories

It seems that something marvelous comes when this story is told.  I had hinted to my friend, Pastor Carla F., that I had a wonderful story to share with her some time.  She asked me on more than one occasion to tell it to her.  Finally, I did so.  In Pastor's case, I went into some detail with her explaining what the "Little Way" meant.  I did so as we were private; she was a Pastor with no real knowledge of St Therese; and she was open to hearing all that she could.  She was moved by the story, as all listeners are.  It was late when she left my home that evening.

The next day, I received an email forwarded by Pastor that I thought was interesting.  The very first thing that morning, she received an email which spoke of the Saint of the "Little Way".  She was not referred to by any of the other common names - St Therese of the Child Jesus, St Therese of the Little Flower, St Therese of Lisieux.  Only the Saint of the Little Way!  I do not think this is a coincidence.  St Therese is at it again, opening hearts and showering roses on the earth.

I feel specially blessed to know that sharing these stories may in fact start a heavenly chain of events for others to be blessed in some way.


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