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Farrokh K. Anklesaria, Barrister-at-law,
TSMO Director, TESP Founder & Executive Director


Founder and Executive Director of The Enlightened Sentencing Project (TESP)

Mr. Farrokh Anklesaria is a Director of the Transcendental Stress Management Organization (TSMO), LLC.  He is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Enlightened Sentencing Project (TESP).  The TESP is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to teaching the Transcendental Stress Management(SM) program to offenders sent by the courts in St Louis, Missouri.



B.A. Hons. Political Theory and Science , University of Bombay, India, 1968
Barrister-at-Law, Honorable Society of the Middle Temple , London, England, 1973

Mr. Anklesaria is a Barrister-at-Law and teacher of the Transcendental Stress Management program. Since 1976, he has worked closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation® program.  He was trained by Maharishi as the world’s leading expert in the implementation of the Transcendental Meditation® technique in legal and correctional settings.


  • Total Rehabilitation — the Theoretical Basis and Practical Applications of Maharishi’s Integrated System of Rehabilitation, MIU Press, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, 1994, 900 pp. (editor; in press);
  • Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Integrated System of Rehabilitation, MIU Press, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, 1994, 830 pp. (editor; in press);
  • A New Approach to Offender Rehabilitation: Maharishi’s Integrated System of Rehabilitation, The Journal of Correctional Education, Vol. 43, Issue 1, March, 1992, USA;
  • New Horizons in Criminology and Penitentiary Science: The Maharishi Unified Field Based Integrated System of Rehabilitation in Senegalese Prisons, MVU Press, Vlodrop, Holland, 1988 (editor);
  • Higher States of Consciousness: An Effective Strategy of Social Defense; An International Conference on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, international conference brochure printed in four languages, MERU Press, Seelisberg, Switzerland, 1980, (editor);
  • Third World Assembly on Law, Justice and Rehabilitation, MERU Press, Seelisberg, Switzerland, 1979, (editor);
  • Numerous law reports, All England Law Reports and The Weekly Law Reports, 1973—1976, England.



1996 to the present:

In 2006, Mr. Anklesaria and his wife, Ruffina, launched the Transcendental Stress Management Organization, LLC, to offer training  in the Transcendental Stress Management program. They offer specialized courses to Probation and Parole Officers and Members of the Armed Forces and Protective Services.

In 1996, Mr. Anklesaria inspired members of the judiciary to sentence offenders to The Enlightened Sentencing Project as an alternative to incarceration.  Seven judges in St Louis, Missouri, sentence offenders to the program and the probationers have reported significant and remarkable results.  Judges, probation and parole officers, the probationers themselves and families of the probationers, have fully endorsed the program, and their testimonies have been recorded on videotape, in brochures and booklets, and on the website of The Enlightened Sentencing Project. Mr. Anklesaria has also had numerous media interviews and speaking engagements nationally on TESP.

February, 1995—1997:
Assistant Professor of Law and Government , Maharishi University of Management (formerly named Maharishi International University, 1971-1995)

  • Teaching courses in law and government;
  • Nationwide consulting in law, correctional management, and criminal justice administration

May 1991 — June, 1994
International Director of Rehabilitation Programs , Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

  • Instructed courses and seminars on rehabilitation and correctional management;
  • Conducted nationwide tour of United States advising legal and correctional professionals and government officials in effective rehabilitation and correctional management;
  • Researched and edited two major books on crime prevention, correctional management, and criminal and drug-abuse rehabilitation;
  • Assembled, wrote, and distributed research findings and reports on the above topics.

July, 1979—May, 1991:
Professor and International Director of Rehabilitation Programs, Maharishi European Research University

  • Directed and taught international projects in the areas of government, judiciary, corrections, and education;
  • Wrote and edited several publications on law, justice, and rehabilitation

July, 1990—May, 1991:

  • International rehabilitation and teaching tour spanning three continents—visits to Sweden, the United States; Estonia, USSR.


  • Vlodrop, Holland—compiled and edited a book documenting the achievements of the nation-wide rehabilitation project in the prisons of Senegal, West Africa.


  • Directed highly successful nation-wide rehabilitation project involving 12,000 prison inmates and staff in Senegal, West Africa, at the personal invitation of the President of Senegal.


  • Toured Africa, introducing programs for effective legal and governmental administration to several African Heads of State.


  • Conducted nation-wide teaching and rehabilitation project in Sri Lanka. The project included the instruction of many governmental leaders, 3000 school students, and several thousand prison inmates and staff.


  • Co-directed nationwide project in the Philippines. The project involved instructing several thousand students, teachers, governmental leaders, prison inmates, and many leaders in the police and prison hierarchy.


  • Conducted highly successful projects in the schools and prisons in Kenya and Brazil.


  • Toured China and the Soviet Union, advising leaders in all areas of government and society.



Mr. Anklesaria is married to Ruffina F. Anklesaria, M.A., and together they run the Transcendental Stress Management Organization LLC and The Enlightened Sentencing Project.  They have two children, Julee and Anahita. The Anklesaria Family are all American citizens.





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